The Forgotten Treasure Of Gnar They're worth $10, but he's selling them for $5

Chinatown’s sweaty freak garage punk trio Gnarwhal broke up in 2012 when singer Erica Westly moved to San Francisco. But their unsold vinyl remained. A few full boxes of their 10-inch “Gold” practically washed up on drummer Adam Funari’s doorstep, and he’s put them up for sale at $5, each.

“Gold” came out in April of 2012, an album that features Funari on drums, Nick Ayakawa on guitar, and Westly on shrieks and squeals.

Listen to it below, with “Gorilla” and “I See You” on side A, and “Gold,” “Get It Girl,” and “Green Street” on B, and buy it directly from Funari through PayPal. Just look up [email protected] (he can tell you where to pick up your album).


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