Highway Inn’s Voicemail Features Everyone You Know

Of the great phone voices of the world: Russ Leatherman (Mr. Moviefone), Paul, the weather man, Pat Fleet and Jane Barbe, and maybe Siri—let us now add Gregg Hammer to the list, the voice of the best restaurant answering service ever recorded.

[soundcloud params="true&show_comments=true&color=0ac4ff"]https://soundcloud.com/theoffsetter/highway-inn-says-hi[/soundcloud]

Excuse us while we press 7 forever.

A former radio host, voice actor, musician, and entertainer, Hammer says he channeled a comedic legend. “The voices are kind of a tribute to Rap Reiplinger. I think he captured the essence of what every local Aunty and other vocal ‘pidgin english’ stereotypes, which in my opinion, are timeless and recognizable.” No actual stereotypes were harmed in the making of this masterpiece. Hear Hammer anytime you wish by calling 954-4955 (between 8:30am-8:30pm), or through that link up there, obviously.

Highway Inn has served ono Hawaiian food since 1947, but it wasn’t until we heard Hammer’s voices that the name also really sounds like Ha-waii-an if you say it fast! We asked co-owner Monica Toguchi about that, but she said it’s just a coincidence. The original Highway Inn, in Waipahu, was named such because of its location near Farrington Highway.

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