Whatever Happened To Mike The CitiBike?


    Question: Whatever happened to Mike The CitiBike?

    In 2015, Mike The CitiBike visited Honolulu from New York City to promote “bikesharing,” a custom in which strangers share unique, two-wheeled transportation apparatuses with one another in order to get from one point in a city, sometimes known as “A,” to another point that is different from the original point. In some cases, this point is called “B.”

    Two weeks into his trip, however, Mike tweeted gruesome photographs that showed a battered and swollen face, accompanied by an equally outlandish story: He believed that somebody mugged and kidnapped him. Here’s what happened:

    8:42 a.m., Jan. 16

    Mike woke up in his hotel at the Outrigger Reef in Waikiki:

    “Best #bikeshare dock in the world. Simply perfect,” he tweeted.

    Twitter via BikeshareHI

    11:20 a.m., Jan. 16

    Mike biked into Whole Foods for groceries.

    Twitter via BikeshareHI

    1:33 p.m., Jan. 16

    Mike met Sen. Harimoto for lunch. Harimoto, a family friend of Mike’s, cooked the steaks in a microwave in his office. They ate tartare on Triscuits and strawberry yogurt.

    Twitter via BikeshareHI

    5:00 p.m., Jan. 16

    Mike shot his second consecutive 71 and missed the cut at the Sony Open.

    Acknowledging defeat, he said, “Maybe next year I can be a caddie.”

    Twitter via BikeshareHI

    8:15 p.m., Jan. 16

    Mike and a friend take a taxi to Amuse Wine Bar in downtown Honolulu.

    Facebook via Amuse Wine Bar

    10:48 p.m., Jan. 16

    Mike is approached by a man and a woman — people Mike claims he doesn’t know — and pays the tab. He is seen exiting Amuse Wine Bar with these people.

    Facebook via BikeshareHI

    11:30 p.m., Jan. 16

    Two homeless men find Mike passed out on the sidewalk about 100 yards away from the wine bar. When Mike wakes up, he begins to argue with the men.


    1:30 a.m., Jan. 17

    A homeless woman calls Mike a cab back to his hotel room at the Outrigger. She disputes Mike’s claim that he was drugged, assaulted, shoved into the trunk of a car, driven to Molokai, given a Polynesian tattoo, driven back to Honolulu, dropped off at Club Femme Nu against his wishes, and made to drink 2 bottles of tequila.

    7:00 a.m., Jan. 17

    The two homeless men, who authorities believe are Toa Kaili and Chris Khamis (pictured), take Mike to get an emergency blood transfusion.

    Twitter via BikeshareHI

    10:35 p.m., Jan. 17

    Emergency responders arrive to the Outrigger to find Mike dead in his hotel bed.

    Twitter via BikeshareHI

    Mike The CitiBike’s story shows how far Honolulu has come as a modern city, but it also illustrates how far we still have to go before every man, woman, and child enjoys the concept known as “bikesharing.”