What Is Joe Moore Doing These Days?

    KHON-2 anchorman Joe Moore (courtesy YouTube)

    Q: I’m asking for a friend. What’s Anchorman Joe Moore doing these days? He is just so handsome. I haven’t seen him since his newscast last night, and now I’m getting worried. He is usually up by now, and off to the farmers market with his newspaper. Then he’ll go take a few laps around the mall, but I went there, too (on the off-chance that I somehow missed him at the market), but he’s not there, either. I don’t know what to do, and frankly, he’s just thrown off my whole routine. Also, is he dating anyone? – Nancy, Aina Haina

    Lately, Joe Moore spends his time preparing for the annual Finnish competition called Wife Carrying, a sport in which male competitors race along an obstacle course while carrying a female team mate. If you win the annual competition in Sonkajärvi, Finland, you win your wife’s weight in beer. Moore still occasionally performs theatre productions with game show host Pat Sajak and has begun dabbling in Korean drama.