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 4 Contain & Function at Louis Pohl
September 6 (ongoing), Louis Pohl Gallery 1142 Bethel St, all ages, free.
Louis Pohl Gallery owner Sandra Pohl calls ceramicist Jon Vongvichai one of the best, most functional ceramicists around. “His work has this twist to it,” she says. The Honolulu Museum of Art teacher said in a statement that ceramics is “my escape from things. It is both my passion and a source of frustration.” Pohl says he is another in a series of “young, up and coming, wonderful artist[s]” she’s featuring at the gallery, “as opposed to the more established ones.”
 5 Marika Emi & Mark Kushimi present PROOF
Sept. 6 (ongoing), Human Imagination 1154 Nuuanu Ave., all ages, free.
Printmaker Marika Emi calls her prints “proofs”, and as Emi writes in a statement, this show will explore printmaking “as a generative creative process. The show highlights various printmaking techniques—trace monoprinting, etching, relief printing, and chine colle—as venues of experimentation that allow for meaning and ideas to develop. In other words, Proof is about how printmaking can break its own rules by expanding off the matrix, shunning repetition, and inviting mistakes. The show will feature a body of monoprints completed this summer at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado alongside selection of photographs, plates, and framed prints from the University of Hawai’i studios.” It will remain on view throughout September.
 12 Crossing Cultures: The Art of Manga in Hawai’i
September 6 (ongoing), Gallery ‘Iolani 45-720  Kea’ahala Rd, free. The works in Windward Community College’s gallery showcase an “overview of manga’s origins in Japanese art history including reproductions of scrolls and books that serve to influence the creative imagery of today’s manga being created in Hawai‘i,” according to a statement. Roy Chang, Jon J. Murakami, Audra Ann Furuichi and Scott Yoshinaga, Marisa Torigoe’, and Damon Wong are featured.
11 Robert Reed + E.Y. Yanagi (Opening Reception)
September 12, 6-8pm, SPF Projects 729 Auahi St, free. Multi-dimensional performance artist Robert Reed’s pop-and-circumstance approach to Waikiki’s irony gets juxtaposed with the quiet stoicism of Eric Yanagi’s black and white photographs taken of Waiks in the mid-70s. On view through Oct. 13.
Sept. 12, 7–11pm, the Manifest, 32 N. Hotel Street, all ages, free.
Fresh off their moment in the beam of light opening for The Cure in July, Clones of the Queen will play their last show before beat-maker, soundscaper, and synesthesia-inducer Matthew McVickar moves to Portland. This is also the release party for their third EP, Moonlight, the final chapter in their space trilogy. DJ Ross Jackson, The Bougies, and Pink Mist support.
 8 Willy Branlund: In The Beginning (Opening Reception)
Sept. 13, 7–9pm, Gallery of Hawaii Artists, 1888 Kalakaua Ave Ste C312, free.
Photographer Willy Branlund’s candid portraits of artists at work was, according to a statement, an accident, started when Branlund “first picked up a camera to shoot a candid portrait of a friend. This fortuitous act led to the development of a fascination with understanding the mechanisms of the creative process. For the past seven years, Branlund has dedicated his time and energy to documenting various artists and creative personalities at work, in hopes of further exploring elusive concepts that are important to art such as creativity, perseverance, and drive.” It will remain on view through Dec. 20.
 9 Equilibrium: Kamran Samimi at Stand Up Eight
Sept. 14, 4–9pm, Stand Up Eight, 1113 S. King St, free.
Big Island printmaker and Honolulu resident Kamran Samimi will showcase much of his work created between 2008 and this year at the new-ish furniture showroom on King Street. “One of the purposes of art in this world is to create a sense of balance,” Samimi says in a statement. “While art is generally not considered useful, that does not mean it is without value. In a world often focused on money, power, and industry, art helps it to maintain its equilibrium.”
On view through Sept. 15, Thu.–Sun., 12–5pm, Ektopia, 3167 Waialae Ave, free.
Ileana C Lee invites viewers to walk amongst her kinetic sculptures, to touch them even, to animate the space. Lee says in a statement that the show was born from a question. “Thinking about how one has to consider the element of stability to hold a three‑dimensional work, we sometimes have to create a massive base or support to hold it down. So my question was, what if you reduce that base to a single point—will it still work as a sculpture?” A selection of Lee’s monotypes are also on view.
La Femme Follies
Sept. 20, 9pm, Hulas Waikiki, 134 Kapahulu Ave. 2nd floor, $15 pre/$20 do. Ticket info here.
This sexy variety show is for ladies who love ladies. Pamela Poles will bring her poles and her muscles, the Cherry Blossom Cabaret will bring their pasties, tassels, and legs, and the Shakti Dance Movement will bring their belly-dances and voluptuousness.
Showdown In Chinatown In Kaka’ako September 48-hour Challenge
Sept. 21, 7pm, More info here.
Put this on your calendars and note that even though it’s called Showdown in Chinatown, this one takes place in the Lana Lane Studios in Kakaako. It’s the last competition and screening before the championships in November. Stay tuned for the announcement of the topic and other requirements Sept. 18 at 5pm; films are due on Sept. 20 between 5–8pm.
 temp2 Laura Smith: Big Splash (Opening Reception)
Sept. 22, 4-6pm, Ektopia, 3167 Waialae Ave, free.
Big Splash is an exhibition of woodcut prints in which the swimming pool “symbolizes our whole world,” says a statement. “The pool, in contrast to the disorder of the real world, shows an orderly shape, defined by the grid of tiles and walls. The swimmers move in a systematic direction, towards the goal at the end of the pool. There is a subtle variety in the seemingly monotonous swimmer’s routine. Artist Laura Smith will present a talk about her work.
Tresemble – Piano, Strings and Winds with Jonathan Korth, piano
Sept. 23, 7:30pm, Paliku Theater, 45-720 Keaahala Rd, and Sept. 30, 7:30pm, Doris Duke Theater, 900 South Beretania StreetTicket info here.
Chamber Music Hawaii’s Tresemble starts their new season with two separate performances of 3 Pieces for Clarinet, Viola and Piano, Op. 83, by Max Brunch, Quartet, Op. 1, by Walter Rabl, and Sextet, Op. 37, by Ernst von Dohnanyi. Tresemble is a word invented by Chamber Music Hawaii to describe the conglomeration of members from all three of its resident ensembles: Galliard String Quartet, Honolulu Brass Quintet, and Spring Wind Quintet.
 temp2 Linda Kaiser: Swimming Between the Islands
Sept. 27, 6pm, Ektopia, 3167 Waialae Ave, free.
wimmer Linda Kaiser will speak about her channel swims in conjunction with Laura Smith’s show of prints, Big Splash. Kaiser is the only woman to have swum all nine channels among the Hawaiian Islands.
 1 These Are Not Birds
Sept. 1 - October 1, the Nanogallery at the Honolulu Museum of Art School, 1111 Victoria St, free.
Juvana Soliven’s copper, wood, steel, and fabric installation is tucked inside the phonebooth-turned-nanogallery within the Honolulu Museum of Art School lobby for the month, and she says, “Nothing is just as it seems. All entities are made of vibrating and constantly colliding particles and nothingness. These shadows—much like the world—are composites of individual pieces and empty spaces. As with all else, we perceive the context and fill in the voids to draw our own conclusion.”
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