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1  Decisive Moments: Photographs from the Collection of Cherye R. and James F. Pierce
Dec 18 - June 8, Honolulu Museum of Art, 900 S. Beretania St., all ages.
Jim and Cherye Pierce’s vast collection of classic and contemporary photographs get another exhibition at the Honolulu Museum of Art—2003’s In Celebration of Light featured 116 black-and-white prints from their stockpile of such photographers as Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham, and Diane Arbus. This exhibition takes it a little further. “We wanted to focus on the contemporary aspects of the [Pierce] collection while working in some of their classic works,” says curator James Jenson. Pieces from William Eggleston, Mona Kuhn, Robert Mapplethorpe, Daido Moriyama, and Soo Kim are featured, among others. The title, “Decisive Moments”, references Henri Cartier-Bresson’s seminal 1952 book, The Decisive Moment: “There is nothing in this world that does not have a decisive moment,” he wrote. In conjunction with this exhibition, HMA is holding four other exhibitions, Critters! (animal pictures), an exhibition of photographs by cinematographer Karl Struss, botanical photographs, and surrealism, as well as programs and lectures with visiting speakers.
1  Free Hot Chocolate Happy Hour at Lobby Bar
Dec 20, 5-7p, the Modern Honolulu, 1775 Ala Moana Blvd.
Saddle up to the free hot chocolate/toppings bar and pretend that it looks a lot like Christmas outside. Throw peppermint sticks, vanilla cream, ground cinnamon, coconut marshmallows, and caramel on it for free; have the bartender mix in Pinnacle Whipped vodka for $5.
1 Ballet Hawaii Nutcracker + Chef Chai = Very Happy Holidays
Dec 20, 21, 7:30pm, Dec 22, 2pm, Blaisdell Concert Hall, 777 Ward Ave, tickets here.
Up your holiday tradition by taking your lover to a fixed-menu dinner at Chef Chai’s before Ballet Hawaii’s presentation of The Nutcracker for $160, with dinner, parking, and VIP reserved seating to the show included! How you handle the rest of the night is up to you, if you know what we mean.

1  The Return of Rebel Rebel
Dec 20, 9pm, Mercury Bar, 1154 Fort Street Mall, 21+, free.
The Club Pauahi dance party that needed Adderall is back again, this time at Mercury! Join DJ Ross Jackson, Davey Shindig, and OG Rebel Rebeller Richard Li for this free night of tight hip bouncing and shaking.
 1  Night Market Rogue Christmas + Anti Canvas
Dec 21, 6-11pm, Kaka’ako Night Market, 683 Auahi St., all ages, free.
For five years now, the annual Anti-Canvas Art Show has featured board shorts from local artists and famous people and has raised more than $18,000 for charities. This year, BIG DOG (Offsetter Creative Director) DANA PARESA designed a pair, and moneys go to Waves4Water’s efforts to help victims of Typhoon Haiyan, as well as Hawaii Foodbank. Go silently bid high (it’s a silent auction) on these shorts that have been sublimated with each artist’s work and wear a super rare pair of board shorts everywhere you go for the rest of your life, without washing them, because it’s art.
Dec 21, 9pm, Mercury Bar, 1154 Fort Street Mall, 21+, free.
San Francisco’s anthemic goth shoegazer Chasms comes to Mercury for a free 21+ show with psychedelic art band P∆G∑, Nerve Beats, and President of daydream nation: DJ Ross Jackson.
 1  Ke Kula Mele Hawaii o Akaka Winter Ukulele Concert
Dec 21, 11am-12pm, Windward Mall, 46-56 Kamehameha Hyw, all ages, free.
If you find yourself at Windward Mall and kids are singing holiday songs on their ukulele, sorry—you haven’t died and gone to Heaven. It’s the student performance of Ke Kula Mele Hawaii, a school for Hawaiian music study. If you generally never find yourself at Windward Mall, you now have a very good reason to go there.
 1  Bang! Bang! Pow! Wow! Fundraiser! Birthday!
Dec 21, 9pm, Nextdoor, 43 N. Hotel St., 21+, $10
Since Christa Wittmier can’t not throw a birthday party, this year she’s using her day to raise funds for the upcoming 5th year of Pow! Wow! Hawaii (which takes place Feb. 8-15, 2014) and its evolving music program. Alumni from last year’s inaugural School of Music will perform with visuals by Pow! Wow! artists and muralists, and she’s going to announce the lineup of Pow! Wow! Hawaii Music Artists. Tickets are $10, and all proceeds will go to PWH’s music education and programming.
 1 A Not Awkard At All Docent-Led Tour Through Erotic Japanese Art
Dec 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 1:30pm, Honolulu Museum of Art, 900 S. Beretania St., free with museum admission.
Spend 30 minutes with a Honolulu Museum of Art-certified docent as they explore you through the museum’s second installment (in its three-part series) of Japanese shunga, or erotic art. It’s not mindless porn, because it’s in a museum. The shunga series shows through art how Japan’s sexual culture developed. Tongue in Cheek: Erotic Art in 19th-Century Japan “deals with lighthearted topics such as erotic humor as well as more complex sociological issues, like the mechanics of Japan’s sex industry.”
1 Holiday Hangover at The Modern
Dec 26, 9am-12pm, the Modern Honolulu, 1775 Ala Moana Blvd, 21+.
What better way to wash down that holiday seasoning stuck in your throat than with a bloody mary, first thing on Dec. 26? The Sunset Pool at the Modern Honolulu Hotel’s got your therapy.
 temp  Singer Songwriter Soup at The Mercury Bar
Dec 27, 9pm, Mercury Bar, 1154 Fort Street Mall, 21+, free.
1  R/I/P R/D party
Dec 28, 11am-5pm, R/D, 691 Auahi St., all ages, free
They want to put the fun in funeral, but it’s hard to call this a party, because it just feels weird to hoot and holler at something’s deathbed. Wear black! There’s going to be a popcorn bar (which, if it’s anything like they’ve thrown before, with deconstructed Nutella as a topping! you won’t want to miss it). Also, see Dana in the digital flesh, via Goog Cam, no pants required!
// ON GOING //
1  Willa Nasatir x Elizabeth Sonenberg
Dec 5, 6 - 8pm, SPF Gallery, 729 Auahi St.
1 Hawaii Glass Artists 11th Annual Exhibition
the ARTS at Mark’s Garage, 1159 Nu’uanu Ave
Members of Hawaii Glass Artists are exhibited in HGA’s 11th show.
8 Willy Branlund: In The Beginning
Through Dec. 20, 7–9pm, Gallery of Hawaii Artists, 1888 Kalakaua Ave Ste C312, free.
Photographer Willy Branlund’s candid portraits of artists at work was, according to a statement, an accident, started when Branlund “first picked up a camera to shoot a candid portrait of a friend. This fortuitous act led to the development of a fascination with understanding the mechanisms of the creative process. For the past seven years, Branlund has dedicated his time and energy to documenting various artists and creative personalities at work, in hopes of further exploring elusive concepts that are important to art such as creativity, perseverance, and drive.”
Kapulani Langraf’s Ponoiwi
Extended through Jan. 19, Honolulu Museum of Art, 900 S Beretania St, free.
Because next month’s ARTafterDARK is always bonkers (It’s Halloween; people go crazy), maybe go to this month’s ARTafterDARK and actually look at the art? “As a Native Hawaiian artist, my work is guided by my traditional Hawaiian values, language and culture,” says Landgraf in a statement. “I feel compelled to celebrate my Hawaiian culture, but also to express my feelings on the profound changes that have happened and continue to occur in Hawai‘i by ongoing Western intrusion and its impact on Hawaiian rights, values, and history. Although much of my work laments the violations on the Hawaiian people, land and natural resources, it also offers hope with allusions to the strength and resilience of Hawaiian land and its people.” Get it, girl.
temp LEGO Travel Adventure at Bishop
Through Jan. 5, Bishop Museum, 1525 Bernice St, all ages.
This traveling exhibition invites you to make stuff capable of flying, floating, or driving—or the turducken of those, all three. “To go on a travel adventure to exotic locations,” a statement says, “children are asked to think creatively, plan, and build vehicles to move through all kinds of terrain—mountains, oceans, jungles, deserts, and more. This newest LEGO exhibit is filled with colorful backdrops, kid-friendly building activities, and eye-popping LEGO sculptures.” Just remember the plural of LEGO is LEGO, okay.
1 Jared Yamanuha’s OMIYAGE
6-8pm, in4mation chinatown, 1154 Nu’uanu Ave, free. Jared Yamanuha brings the Japanese tradition of souvenir-sharing, known as omiyage, into the neighborhood buy cutting shapes into photographs of standard local touristy treats.

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