This Artist Apparently Hates RAW Honolulu according to Twitter

National event promotors RAW natural born artists are controversial for a few reasons, poor taste notwithstanding. The group’s Honolulu branch has thrown several “parties” at places such as Vice Nightclub and Hawaiian Brian’s that feel more like a sweaty, depressing pyramid scheme than anything that promotes or supports the artists involved.

LA Weekly wrote about the organization, which is based in Laguna Hills, California, last year and said the problem is, “although this isn’t mentioned on Raw’s website—or in most of the write-ups about it—the talent has to pay to play. Artists, bands, and designers who want to be in a Raw showcase need to sell 20 tickets at $10 apiece. If they can’t, they must make up the difference out of pocket.”

Honolulu-based artist, photographer, and contributor to Contrast Magazine, Landon Tom, took issue with this business model publicly on twitter, and he makes some good points. See below.

RAW Honolulu’s next event, SCOPE, is scheduled for September 18 and will feature people called Darkly Darling, DSanti, and UrLoved. What are your thoughts on RAW Honolulu?

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