SuperCW on her new album, “Sunny Daze” It's music that makes bad traffic a little better

When it comes to Honolulu nightlife, Christa Wittmier is the juice. She daylights at Young’s Market Company, handling the marketing and promotions for the booze that fills our glasses when we go out. And at night, she keeps a busy schedule as DJ SuperCW, a resident of Nextdoor, Rumfire, Addiction, Safehouse, and the Republik (she also writes a long-lived column about Honolulu’s nightlife culture, but you probably already knew that).

Honolulu is often ranked the worst in the country when it comes to traffic. And Wittmier, who commutes from town all the way to Waipahu, where Young’s is based, definitely sees her share of it.

She’s made a coping mechanism for all of us who get stuck in traffic with her, a mix called “Sunny Daze.” She’ll throw a party to celebrate its release at The Safehouse, with guest DJs Gnaraly, Zilla, and Deko on Friday, Sept. 12 at 9pm.

Wittmier said she makes mixes for her friends all the time, and this album is “all the music I love for driving. Daytime house, tropical house, nice uptempo happy music to sit in traffic and forget the world. I decided to just make a bunch and give them to everyone.”

There’s an A and B-side to the mix, one “gets crazy, E.D.M.-like, with Chainsmokers and a new Porter Robinson that I can’t stop listening to. The other is more melodic and stays pretty mellow. Beautiful music. Bender, Mozambo, Coleco and Addal,” she said.

If you can’t wait for it, here is “SPRCHKSMMR,” a mix made in collaboration with DJ Soundcheck, which was on repeat in our offices all summer long last year (and still kind of is):


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