Proof Every Woman In Hawaii Has Cameras Instead Of Nipples


    UPDATE: ████ ███ ████ has asked to keep his mysterious persona a mystery, so we have redacted his name.

    Honolulu-based fine art photographer ████ ███ ████ has made a unique discovery: while gradually photographing Honolulu women with less and less clothes on, he soon learned that, apparently, all the women in Hawaii have breasts with cameras on them where there are usually nipples.

    Scientists have long known that the human body can come in many shapes and sizes — same goes for human breasts and the areolae. But this has been the first time that so many in the same city have been documented with the same make and model of digital camera on their chest, the Nikon Coolpix S3500.

    It’s unknown if ████ ███ ████ also has a camera nipple, or if he uses it to take the pictures that he posts on his Instagram feed, but his inspiring message is clear: we are all beautiful, no matter what model of digital camera we were born with.

    Take a look for yourself: