PAN Wants to Show You a Slideshow About its Summer Vacation

The Hawai‘i chapter of the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) will host its first Paper Architecture Night (PAN) of the semester to showcase the work of students and faculty in the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa’s School of Architecture.

AIAS Hawaii President Graham Hart explains that PAN fills a void in exposure for local architects. “We saw that there was a lack in social venues for architecture students to display and show off their work. Art students have galleries and fashion students have runway shows, but there wasn’t any real venue for architecture students. We decided then that PAN would be a design event that not only showcased student work to the community, but also was a venue for local architects and designers to showcase their work as well.”

Presented in Pecha Kucha’s staccato slideshow fashion—short, 20-slide presentations—PAN focuses on the work of local designers in various stages of career, with little limit to what can be presented. On Friday, the theme is about travel and architecture abroad, so each of the five presenters will go over what they did on their summer vacation (because of the theme, Hart has temporarily rebranded PAN to mean Paper Airplane Night, but so far there is no intended focus on the design of the perfect paper airplane).

Student Taylor Cook will talk about the nine months he spent traveling the world on a boat; faculty member Maria Simon will present her “Making Exercise” collaboration experiment and preview her gallery show that opens at the Haigo and Irene Shen Architecture Gallery on September 5; Eric Furukawa, a student, will talk about what he saw when traveling in southeast Asia and India; Joey Valenti will talk about his summer spent in Denmark taking architecture studio classes and the work he did there.

To wrap it up, AIAS will finish with a report of their trip to the 2013 AIAS Grassroots Conference in Washington DC, covering what they gleaned from that trip and the ideas they proposed.

Although PAN is architecture design in its conceptual best, ideas presented as they are before the limits of pragmatism, budgetary realities, and red tape tamp creativity, Hart is quick to point out that it isn’t just about presentation. “[PAN] is also a social event. Bringing in professionals from the community to our school gives everyone time to network and see what new and exciting work is coming out of academia. We also want to further expand our audience in order to increase the appreciation of architecture and design to Honolulu at large,” he says.

The free event starts at 6pm on Aug. 30 at UHM’s Architecture School with presentations beginning at 6:30, and the wine and beer bar is open for donations. To keep up with the monthly PAN events, Hart recommends liking AIAS Hawaii’s facebook page or following its tumblr site.

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