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On View: Adam Rodriguez at Barrio Vintage

The aesthetics of Adam Rodriguez’s art and the eclecticism of Barrio Vintage, visual rhymes once separated by miles of desert and ocean, have been reunited for the holidays.

Barrio owners Bradley Rhea and Jonathan Saupe, who moved to Honolulu from Arizona years ago, brought their longtime Tucson artist buddy Rodriguez into their Chinatown shop this month to showcase his series of geometric works, most made from skate grip tape in primary colors.

“I buy various colors of grip tape and make portraits, abstract, and imaginative characters with them,” says Rodriguez, who also experiments with photographs. “I like the idea of taking a nontraditional medium and creating fine art from my skateboarding background.”

He says some of the pieces were also painted with oil sticks, colored sand, and clothing, and that the conglomeration of these materials sprung forth from an empty wallet. “I started skating when I was 10, and it just stuck with me over the years. I basically picked up this medium being broke and had no money for traditional art materials. So I had this sheet of plain black grip tape and thought it would be a cool, interesting medium to tie into [it].”

More of Rodriguez’s work can be viewed on his Instagram and website.

The show is up through Dec. 25, and each untitled piece is $300. Barrio Vintage is located at 1160 Nuuanu Ave., click here for hours.








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