Missing Hand of Yolo Journalist Found on New T-Shirts

We’re proud to tell you that the first-ever, extremely limited edition Offsetter t-shirts are available for pick up at all participating R/D locations! These machine-woven, 99% made-in-El Salvador super soft cotton tees totally condone Yolo Journalism, which is a thing we made up to validate ourselves.

The missing journalist’s hand is drawn by Dana Paresa and screen printed by the Woolley Brothers of Waialua. What’s more, we have a style for men and a style for women. To be honest, you can buy them through the Offsetter shop, and pick them up at R/D. For you super-hipsters who bought one before they even existed, you can swing by R/D to see James and pick up your shirt! Personally speaking, if you live off-island, we’ll ship it to you!

Show mom that you’re a true Offsetter, and support Yolo Journalism!

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