I Am Watching You Sleep


    Hey, you.

    I’m not going to wake you up, but I just wanted to let you know something. I am watching you sleep right now.

    It’s not a big deal or anything. I swear, it’s not creepy. I’ve been doing this for the past three nights, actually. Same spot. You don’t make your bed but that’s cool, it’s cool. I really like this place under your pillow. So warm, perfect for me to do that circle dancing thing.

    And then after I’m done eating the skin I molted off, I usually crawl up the pillow, onto your neck, which is softer tonight than usual. Oh wow, that’s really soft. Is that a new lotion? I just really want to bite your neck, I do. But I can’t. Not tonight. We’re taking this slow and steady. Your hair’s nice, by the way — I can tell you used that conditioner I like. The leave-in kind. God, your hair is getting tangled in my legs again, and it tickles me, but I just have to suppress my laughter because I don’t want to wake you. But oh! I see your mouth is kind of open. Should I go in?

    I must! I can’t. I must.

    Maybe tomorrow. Tonight, I’ll just caress you with my 5,000 little legs. Shhhh, sleep well my baby, so I can crawl all over you until the morning comes.