Honolulu’s Live Music Scene Finally Made It To 2004


    The year of 2004 brought us soooooo many great things: Paris Hilton saying “That’s hot,” wardrobe malfunctions, and the launch of The Facebook. But most importantly, tons of great tunes. That’s why we’re so excited that Honolulu has finally arrived to this wonderful era. Check it:

    Avenged Sevenfold were big on long-sleeved t-shirts-with-holes-cut-in-the-ends-for-your-thumbs at Hot Topic in 2004, but they’re HUGE at Blaisdell Arena on Jan. 27, 2015:

    And who could forget always-topless Brandon Boyd? No ex-girlfriend of ours. Remind yourself when Incubus plays this 2004 jam at The Republik on March 16 and 17, of this year:

    What 2004 man didn’t feel rebellious by the “guys nite out” vibes from Rise Against? You get your “nite” again, guys, twice! when Rise Against plays at The Republik on March 31 and April 1.

    Remember when Yellowcard was featured on “One Tree Hill” and headlined Van’s Warped Tour all in the same year? That was 2004. They’ll headline the Yellowcard show at The Republik THIS year on July 15.

    And you might recognize this little jingle jangle from Jack White, who plays at the Blaisdell Arena on Aug. 15, 2015, and was a pret-ty big deal in 2004:

    UPDATE: In case you need a palate cleanser, DJ Davey Shindig picked his favorite songs from 2004, and made a playlist here.