Honolulu is 15th Selfiest City of All

Well, Honolulu is near the top of a heaping pile of Instagram selfies, right below Newark, whose residents are apparently that much happier to be in front of whatever is in Newark (or, at least, they hashtag with #selfie more).

In another excuse to make a map of something, TIME “investigated the geography of selfie-taking,” and found, according to their sampling of the world’s selfies, that Honolulu is the 15th out of 458 other cities—you can see the whole list here. They went with GeoNames Database, which states that Honolulu’s population is 371,657 and means that there were about 307 selfieists in our good city at that time. If that seems surprisingly low, this is only from a sample of two 5-day spans. Makati City is No. 1, by the way.

TIME only searched using the #selfie hashtag that included geographic coordinates, but I’ve heard from a very reliable source that a LOT of girls in Honolulu who selfie their butts never use the hashtag #selfie. And there are probably other people who don’t, but this person only follows butt selfiers.

They also lay down the law of selfie-authenticity, in case you don’t know it: Just because somebody takes a picture of yourself and you’re the one who posts it, you haven’t technically selfied.

“Not all photos tagged as ‘selfie’ are in fact selfies. Informal tests that we ran on our dataset using out-of-the-box facial detection algorithms found that the vast majority of the photos were of a single person. We also made several attempts to find international versions of the word ‘selfie,’ but none of the suggested translations showed up in any appreciable volume.”

It’s probably a totally flawed study, and anyway, is this a list any city really wants to be number one at? I guess, for chronic selfie-takers, it probably is.

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