Gossip: What Is Neil Abercrombie Doing These Days? I Sure As Gee Whiz Haven’t Seen Him In A Hootenanny.


    Q: What is that man, Neil Abercrombie up to these days? I sure do miss his jokey business. Boy, I’ll tell you that guy could really whiz bang a hoppity do dad up there on the micro-phoner equipment. Hokey Pete! I remember at last year’s elections when he was inspiring and said, “I was a lecturer at Leeward Community College!” and he was just so handsome. Words that make a man, that’s for sure. – Barb, Kaimuki

    Great question, Barb. Since leaving the Governor’s office, Neil Abercrombie has been hard at work, practicing for the Turkish camel wrestling championship. This has been a Turkish past-time for over 2,000 years and usually takes place in mating season, when the presence of a female camel in heat is enough to drive two camels to start fighting. Supposedly, there are over 2,000 camels in Turkey especially bred for these competitions, but Neil Abercrombie thinks he has what it takes to beat them all. Good luck to you, Neil!