Awesome Sauce Top 5 Events To Do List Of The Week


    “So much stuff going on this week! Here are my picks!” – DJ T.J. Maxx


    1Friday, 7 a.m., Garage Sale, Makakilo

    This garage sale’s gonna be on fleek: Since the Campbells dropped the news they’re moving to Kauai to join a vegan commune next month (sad to see ya go, Campbells!), they gotta unload all of their worldly belongings. Better get there early if you want to scope Donna’s Chinese porcelain figurine sets or Kai’s collection of analogue photog equipment (CHEE!). There’s also an epic estate sale at the same time in Nuuanu, but it’s a secret one, sorry. Ahh! So much going on at the same time. Hawaii!

    2Saturday, 3:30 p.m., Fill Her Up


    Yo, with gas prices so low this week, my wallet is like [makes fat face with face]! But Costco is sure to have the lowest $$$ on the island — everybody gonna want in on this. Message me if you want your name on the list, I’ll do my best. NO PROMISES

    3Thursday, Beef Stroganoff On Zippy’s Special Menu

    I’m gonna let you in on a secret. Zippy’s has a SECRET MENU! It’s right here but Shhhhhhhh — seriously, I could get in a lot of trouble for this. On Thursday Week B is when I get my Zippy’s on: Beef Stroganoff ALL DAY ERR DAY $8.99! FUQ YAH!

    4Tuesday, 6:02 p.m., Sunset

    Sunset is my bae (when I start my partyyyyy…..)

    5Wednesday, 7:11 a.m., Sunrise

    And this is when I go home ! !! ! ! !! Don’t miss this one on Wednesday. TRUST ME. I got tha inside scoop it’s gon be freal.

    See ya guys next week for more of my awesome sauce picks of the week!