Artificially Intelligent: Kakaako Agora Lives! Coral Reefs Die, Sadly

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Kakaako Agora: Make Yourself At Home

After two years of development, Kakaako Agora finally opens! Well, on Sunday it will open. So we talked to the cofounders of Interisland Terminal: Wei Fang, Sarah Honda, and Ben Treviño about what that looks like. (Spoiler alert: awesome) Thanks again to Tadpole Studio for the recording space.

Art Club: Stop Overthinking Art You Guys

It all started at K-Mart with $20 to make art. Now, Bradley Capello organizes four art club events every year, all for the purpose of making art without pretense. “Doing things we tend to have forgotten about now that we’re ‘serious practicing artists’” Capello said. And Andrea Charuk talks with us about how playing with art is a way better way of connecting to your creativity. We went to the first-annual rubber ducky race and just immediately lost. But it was still fun. Join the art club for an all-access pass into the Honolulu Museum Of Art’s insane storage of art supplies to make crazy shit! Email Bradley to join or for info.

Dr. Ruth Gates: Reef Savior From The Future

Dr. Gates is working with other researchers and marine biologists at the University of Hawaii’s Institute of Marine Biology (blog here) to make coral reef that is ready for the coming apocalypse. This is an interview recorded for THIS ARTICLE (“Could Designer Reefs Save The Oceans?) that was written for the Huffington Post about Gates’s work. She’s basically saving the world, if you think about it.

super reef

ALSO: We played music from  Miller Royer’s Brainplane, “Gold Lion,” Rocky Leon’s cover of “Under The Sea,” and “Do You Realize” by the Flaming Lips. Our intro music was brought to us by the Free Music Archive.

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