ARRIVALS #1: Featuring Kim Ann Foxman

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In Huge News news, we’re flying KIM ANN FOXMAN to Honolulu to talk with James Cave and perform a set at Kakaako Agora. It’s the first installment in ARRIVALS, a new series presented with Interisland Terminal that features conversations with artists and performers about their creative process.

Foxman, a New York-based DJ and producer who spins at house clubs and parties around the world, is probably most well known for her time as a vocalist in the synth disco band Hercules & Love Affair. But she’s made a name of her own as a DJ, singer, style icon, heartbreaker, and party promoter and producer, having released two acclaimed self-produced and written EPs, “Creature” (2010) and “Return It” (2012), as well as a ton of singles and remixes.

Though she grew up in Honolulu, Foxman was destined for bigger cities. It was a time when there was only one Honolulu club for house music, and so, as we’ve seen brilliant people do before, she got the hell out of here when she turned 18 and headed for the hills of San Francisco.

She found work as a DJ there and performed in bands, but Foxman would ultimately end up in New York City and truly hit her stride. After befriending Andrew Butler and throwing epic DJ parties together, the two collaborated in Butler’s band, Hercules & Love Affair (you can hear her vocals on “Iris” and “Athene”), until Foxman set out on her own to pursue a solo career.

In the first installment of ARRIVALS, host and editor of the Offsetter, James Cave, will talk with Kim Ann Foxman about her process, influences, hopes, and dreams. It will be followed by a DJ set by Kim Ann Foxman at Kakaako Agora.

Tickets ($10) are available by clicking here.

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