An Uplifting Voyage Of Hate With Ryan Senaga

We’ve long been living vicariously through Honolulu critic, writer, pessimist Ryan Senaga’s Instagram coverage of Vintage Cave’s new menu items. “No words but pictures say it all. VINTAGE CAVE!,” he wrote for this one:

But with Senaga as our guide through #100DaysOfHate we get a little more. More what, I don’t know. #100DaysOfHate is a reaction to the Internet’s humblebragging #100DaysOfHappy (or #100HappyDays) “challenge”, where you post something about your life you really like. Senaga’s version is better because you walk away with a little bit of wisdom, some piss in your pocket, and a smile on your face. Kinda worried about what happens when he reaches day 100, though.

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