A HaiQ&A With Tegan And Sara Specifically, Tegan.

Photo by Chris Buck, courtesy Warner Bros. Records

Since always, Tegan and Sara have been the Offsetter’s favorite Canada-based cutesy butch twin-sister angel band from Heaven.

And after nearly two decades of making music, and 34 years of being alive, the Quin twins will perform their the punk-turned-punk/folk-turned-indie/pop-turned-full-pop-with-still-a-little-punk music live, in Hawaii, for the very first time at The Republik!

We originally wrote a huge intro to this, but we’ll just let the haiku speak for themselves (you can read their full bio here).

The show is on Fri., Nov. 21., 6pm, at The Republik. Tickets range from $35 to $40 and can be purchased here.

Tegan sat down with us over the emails for a very intimate, one-on-one haiku interview:

In haiku, tell me:
what does it take to become
a full-on heartthrob?

For us it took years
Trying different hair cuts
Heartthrobs have good hair

Were you two always
singing together as kids
or was that later?

Singing together
Was not something we did much
But we loved to sing

When did you go, Hey.
We could make a living here,
writing songs and stuff?

In 2004
We put out So Jealous and
Finally felt right

“This Business Of Art”
to “Heartthrob” is a big change
stylistic’lly. Why?

This Business of Art
Turns fourteen years old next month
Our music grew up

Over fourteen years
You’ve ranged from folk punk to pop.
What’s next for TS?

We don’t plan ahead
The songs dictate where we go
Our futures unknown

From Legos to Tiesto.
Which makes you most proud?

All inspire us
Push us to try something new
We love a challenge

What will your show here
be like? Will you take requests?
(Like, “Living Room” please)

It’s our first show there
Our hope is to play a lot
And to come back soon

What is your go-to
karaoke song, and is
it weird to hear yours?

Bon Jovi or Bruce
I tend to stick with the hits
I’ve never heard us

How much older is
Tegan than Sara, and does
it even matter?

It seems to matter
I get asked that every day
8 minutes mom said

Being family:
Is the on-stage bickering
a joke or true life?

We talk to fill time
Catch our breath and connect
It’s real to our life

Do you fight over
girlfriends at bars or do you
each have different tastes?

Have you fought someone
A family member or friend?
For a date ever?

Is this your first time
performing in Hawaii?
How long will you stay?

It is our first time
We aren’t staying long enough
We will be back soon

I’ve always wanted
to ask: Did you figure out
Where did the good go?

Where does the good go
Is a question I must ask
Often in my life

Let me know if we
can go sing karaoke.
I know a good spot.

Please do tell us where
We like to karaoke
Although we’re no good

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  1. The best Q and A
    My fave song has always been
    “Take Me Anywhere”

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