7 Friendliest Mongooses


    This was the hardest thing we’ve ever done: choose the seven friendliest mongooses on the whole island, when everybody knows they’re all friendly! Even the New York Times calls them “The Most Detested!” Well, without further ado, here are THE seven nicest small Asian mongooses on Oahu. The next time you’re on a hike and see one in a nature preserve, why not throw them a smile and a nice “How-do-you-do?”


    When we needed $1.50 for the bus, or when our electricity was on the fritz, or when we needed help hanging a picture on the wall just so, you know who was the first mongoose to help? Howard, all the time. He’s a real handyman.


    Judith just makes the best cookies. She’ll drop them off on your porch every Sunday, even if you’re out at church, no questions asked! It’s the highlight of our week.


    With that scary run-in with the owl and the tractor accident last year, Edgar has been through some tough stuff in his life. But instead of making him a cranky old crust, Edgar’s hard times have turned his sour grapes into sweet wine! He’s a great friend who always has a shoulder to cry on.


    Jeremy is a keen storyteller, a real mongoose’s mongoose. On one hand, he can make a good manhattan, and on the other, he’s great with kids! Invite him to your next party, and you can thank us later.

    5Ms. Cannavale

    Old Lady Cannavale has been practicing eastern medicine for the past 26 years, providing acupuncture therapy and massages out of people’s homes, pro bono. When asked why do such a thing? “Because it heals people,” she said, selflessly.


    Katie is running for Miss Mongoose Tantalus and purchased this space on our listing.

    7Peter (Deceased)

    Peter is the guy who unlocks your iPhone. We all need a Peter. He’s also blind, so you know you can trust him with those those naughty pictures! (*This article has been updated upon hearing the sad news of Peter’s passing. A source close to Peter confirmed that he was hit by a car Sunday morning, and that all service orders will be returned via FedEx. We will never forget you, Peter.)